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Say thank you to the people who power your business – your clients and referrers – with hand-crafted chocolates from Davies.

Add your corporate logo and a personalised message to our gift boxes to make your brand stand out for the right reasons. They’ll remember you fondly with every bite!

Gluten free chocolates

Davies Assorted Handmade Chocolates in Decorative BoxesIn recent years, many customers began asking us to cater for chocolate lovers who are gluten intolerant … And for a while, we were unfortunately unable to meet that request. We’re happy to say that’s changed! All the handmade chocolates sold on our website are gluten free!

How we made our chocolates gluten free

Traditionally, our handmade chocolate process used flour in dusting (as baker’s do when making bread.) We sprinkled wheat flour to keep the newly formed chocolate centres from sticking to the trays.

Through experimentation, we succeeded in doing away with the flour dusting in our recipes, and thus were able to produce delicious, gluten-free chocolates!

Best of all – the same great chocolate taste we’ve become famous for hasn’t changed! Our hand-made chocolates are still faithful to the original recipe… And they’re delicious!