Milk Coconut Roughs 90g


Freshly roasted desiccated coconut and natural vanilla essence mixed with delicious milk chocolate. Our version of an old time favourite!

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Freshly roasted desiccated coconut and natural vanilla essence are thoroughly combined in rich milk chocolate to create our very own Davies version of an old time favourite, Coconut Rough!

Natural vanilla essence and creamy milk chocolate bring out the best of desiccated coconut in these delicious treats.

The creamy milk chocolate that forms the base of these sweets provides the perfect complement to the fresh desiccated coconut mixed throughout. Natural vanilla essence adds brightness and vibrancy to the flavour, elevating all of the more delicate notes in the chocolate and coconut. This amazing combination has long been a favourite of chocolatiers, including the dedicated confectionery chefs here at Davies.

Take a bite today and see why this traditional combination has become a mainstay of the sweets world.

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