Ginger 90g


Delicious spicy ginger centres coated in Davies’ delicious dark chocolate. Enjoy a different chocolate treat today!

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Davies Chocolates use only young stem ginger, ensuring a maximum refreshing flavour. Enjoy the delicious and contrasting taste of ginger and Davies' dark chocolate!

Tangy ginger centres coated with Davies' signature dark chocolate. Give your taste buds a zing with these delicious treats.

Candied ginger is one of the great pleasures in life, offering delicious, sweet flavour that is crisp and refreshing. We take great care in selecting only the finest ingredients to use in our sweets, including the young stem ginger in these morsels. To top it all off and make these treats even more incredible, we add a coating of rich dark chocolate for a unique contrast.

Stock up today so you'll always have a delicious bite at the ready when you need it most!

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