Milk Ginger 110g


Enjoy the health benefits and refreshing flavour of ginger when you bite into one of our milk chocolate full-flavoured treats.


Embrace this exotic spice while enjoying the health benefits of ginger when you bite into one of these milk chocolates. Davies Chocolates use only young stem ginger, ensuring a maximum refreshing flavour.

Embrace the taste of this exotic spice and enjoy the health benefits of ginger when you bite into our unique, savoury, spicy ginger chocolate candies.

Our signature handcrafted chocolate gingers deliver a smooth milk chocolate shell, while yielding to a chewy, spicy centre, made with young ginger root. The uniquely refreshing twist awaiting chocolate lovers offers something different from your standard chocolate candies. Chocolate lovers seeking something exciting have found the perfect new indulgence.

These milk chocolate ginger bites are made with natural ingredients that only enhance the combination of milk chocolate and ginger. Let this candy take you to places you’ve never been.

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