This policy is to be read and used in conjunction with the TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR DAVIES CHOCOLATES PTY LTD WEBSITE AND ORDERING.



1.1    If you are dissatisfied with the Products please Contact Us as soon as practically possible and provide the following information:

(a)     Product Name (as shown on the packaging);

(b)     Batch code and best before date (as printed on the packaging);

(c)      date and place of Purchase or confirmation of whether an Order was placed through Our Website; and

(d)     a full and complete description of the issue and cause for your dissatisfaction with the Products, (a Complaint).

1.2    Upon receipt of any Complaint in accordance with clause 1.1, We:

(a)     may request the return of the Products and its packaging at Our Cost;

(b)     may decide in our absolute discretion, to replace the Product with the same or similar product of equal or greater value of the Price;

(c)      will carry out all reasonable investigation into the circumstances of Your Complaint and the relevant Order, the subject of the Complaint;

(d)     will advise you of the outcome of Our investigation where appropriate to do so together with our findings relating to the cause and action subsequently taken; and

(e)     may implement any corrective and/or preventative actions relating to Your Complaint as We deem reasonably necessary and where practicable to do so.

Dispute Resolution

  • If any dispute or difference arises between You and Us in connection with these Terms or an Order for the Products including in respect of any Complaint (Dispute), the party claiming a Dispute shall provide written notice to the other party.
  • Within 10 Business Days of receipt of the notice of the Dispute, We will work in good faith with You and You will work in good faith with Us to attempt to resolve the
  • If the Dispute cannot be resolved within a reasonable time, either party may require that the Dispute is referred to mediation. The mediator shall be agreed between the parties, or otherwise appointed by the President of the New South Wales Law
  • Each party will bear their own respective legal costs (as between solicitor and client) of the enforcement or attempted enforcement of respective rights, remedies and powers under these Terms, including referral of any Dispute under these Terms to
  • Neither party will be entitled to commence legal proceedings in respect of a Dispute, other than in respect of a claim for payment of the Price for Products the subject of an Order, until and unless the process set out in this Policy has been complied with and the Dispute remains unresolved.
  • Nothing in this Policy will prevent either party from obtaining urgent interlocutory relief at any time.