Palm Oil Free Chocolate

Palm-oil free chocolate – why is this unusual?

Many chocolatiers use palm oil as a stabilising ingredient in their chocolate – it helps keep the colour consistent, prevents melting and increases shelf life. In the past, Davies chocolates recipes included palm oil in its tempered chocolate, but as we are ever-determined to deliver sustainable and ethically sourced chocolates to our customers, we have adjusted our recipes to deliver you palm oil free chocolate across all our products.

Tempered chocolate – ours has no palm oil!

Using real “couverture chocolate” means all our chocolate now needs to be tempered. The tempering process locks in the cocoa butter (the natural cocoa fat and the flavour) and gives the chocolate that distinctive snap, a lovely glossy sheen and added shelf life without the need for palm oil.

Leveraging technology to produce better palm-oil free chocolate

Do we temper by hand? No. That only happens on television ads or if you were to produce small quantities. To produce vast amounts of great tasting palm oil free chocolate, we use 21st century technology.

We utilise two small-batch tempering machines for our enrobing process and to prepare the chocolate for hand decoration. As with all our chocolate making processes, these machines are controlled by our chocolatiers and are not linked into a long, automated production line.

Better chocolate that’s better for the planet

Although palm oil has proven highly useful in making compound chocolate (used for example in chocolate chips and in many popular chocolate bars found in the market), it has also resulted in significant deforestation of old growth tropical rainforests critical to the survival of critically endangered animals like the orangutans of Borneo.

We’re proud to say we’re doing our part to eliminate reliance on this unsustainable ingredient. Now it’s over to you to support palm-oil free products like Davies Chocolates. Please enjoy our tasty handmade chocolate treats… There’s less guilt in this guilty pleasure!