Davies Dark Mints 200g


A fresh mint-flavoured fondant coated in Davies’ genuine dark chocolate. A unique, minty chocolate creation!

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A fresh mint-flavoured fondant coated in our real dark chocolate. Made with pure peppermint oil and natural ingredients, this unique chocolate creation retains a natural and refreshing minty taste. Perfect for self indulgence, sharing with a friend or as a decadent after dinner treat with a lingering flavour.

Smooth, creamy, mint-flavoured fondant coated in Davies’ genuine dark chocolate. A luscious, minty chocolate creation!

Two of the most beloved flavours combine for a delectable experience that will awaken your taste buds. A rich shell of real dark chocolate, made with the finest natural ingredients, surrounds an intense, mint centre, made with pure peppermint oil and other natural ingredients. The perfect after-dinner mint, handmade by the finest chocolatiers, will leave flavours lingering in your mouth long after finishing the mint.

Our Davies Mints are gluten-free, palm oil-free, and made in our kitchen with the finest ingredients. Bring one home to savour next time you feel the need to be treated like royalty.

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