Hard Caramels 110g


A delightful mix of hard caramels, rum nougat, nutty nougat and walnut nougat. Savour them on the go or after dinner.

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Davies’ delicious caramel snack bag let’s you savour our extra brittle hard caramels. This is one to eat at home alone. It’s too good to share!

A delightful mix of hard caramel, paired with rum nougat, nutty nougat, and walnut nougat for the perfect sweet, salty, and savoury candy experience.

Our handcrafted hard caramels are made extra brittle, to give you the caramel experience of a lifetime. Covered in our sweet milk chocolate, the irresistible flavour combination has you reaching for more than just one. The natural ingredients used by our chocolatiers to make this favourite candy only enhances the indulgence, leaving your taste buds craving the next taste.

Try Davies Hard Caramels for a sweet and savoury after-dinner treat. Perfect at the table or on the go.

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