Vegan – Dark Chilli Chocolate


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Premium Single Origin DARK CHOCOLATE 70% Cacao

Net 85g

Made in Mission Beach Australia

This superb dark chocolate is hand crafted in Mission Beach, Queensland, from single origin Trinitario cocoa beans from Madang Province, Papua New Guinea. The flavour is bold and earthy with fruity overtones. Then, for “zing” there is just enough specially selected Mission Beach grown Chilli.

This chocolate is crafted “Bean to Bar" from Single Origin beans. Single Origin means that the cocoa beans come only from a specified region and are not blended with others, similar to fine wine. The beans are grown ethically and sustainably.

In mass produced chocolate these differences in flavour and aroma are “blended out”. In our “Single Origin” chocolate we celebrate these differences as we bring you an unique product.

Fine chocolate is one of life’s superior food experiences. Enjoy!

Ingredients: Cocoa beans (PNG), Sugar (Australia), Cocoa butter (Venezuela or Peru), Soy Lecithin (Germany), Dried Chilli  (Australia), 

Dark Chocolate contains 70% cocoa solids

Allergy Advice: Contains Soy
May contain traces of Tree Nuts (Macadamias).

Our dark chocolate is gluten free and suitable for Vegans. We do NOT use palm oil, palm oil derivatives, flavours, stabilisers or flavour enhancers.



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