Davies Dark Ginger 200g


Embrace this exotic spice, whilst enjoying the health benefits of ginger when you bite into these delectable Davies chocolates.

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Embrace this exotic spice while enjoying the health benefits of ginger when you bite into one of these chocolates. Davies Chocolates use only young stem ginger, ensuring a maximum refreshing flavour.

Delicious juicy ginger centres coated in Davies’ luxurious dark chocolate creates a uniquely indulgent treat. Enjoy a different type of chocolate extravagance today!

At Davies, we use stem ginger, young and fresh, to ensure maximum flavour and freshness. The pure ginger lends a sweet and spicy kick to this mouth watering candy. The rich, smooth dark chocolate balances out the kick from the ginger, leaving your taste buds satisfied and you wanting more. Enjoy the delicious and contrasting taste of ginger and Davies’ dark chocolate!

Our handcrafted chocolates use only the most exceptional, all-natural ingredients, resulting in the rich, savoury, silky treats Australia has come to love.

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