Strawberry Creams – Milk


Smooth strawberry fondant coated in creamy milk chocolate. Handmade in Sydney with love from Davies!

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Smooth strawberry fondant coated in creamy milk chocolate.


Presented in a clear pack of 200g net.

A light, creamy strawberry centre coated in our trademark sweet, creamy milk chocolate. The fruity strawberry and milk chocolate combination brings together the perfect balance of sweet and tangy.

Davies candies are always made with completely natural, wholesome ingredients. You can rid yourself of all guilty feelings and enjoy these tasty morsels. Our candies are gluten-free and palm oil-free, so allow yourself this small self-indulgence. Savour these candies alone, or share one with your family.

This flavour combination is a crowd favourite, so indulge in our milk chocolate strawberry creams while you can. They are handcrafted with love in our kitchen.

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